Free Online Courses You May Take During This Lockdown Period To Upskill Yourself

Regardless of which stage you’re at in your career, upskilling and educating yourself can only be more of a boon to you rather than a detriment. Plus, with all of the commuting time saved working from home as of late, it would certainly be foolish to not equip yourself with new knowledge or even a unique skill that could easily set you apart from others in your field of work. That being said, learning something new is easier said than done but with the advent of the Internet, you’ll find plenty of resources at the tip of your fingers!To ensure that you efficiently make the most use out of your time (instead of say, gaming), here are some of the more interesting free courses to take online during your downtime.

Programming Courses

Technology is always evolving and in the process, this massive industry requires plenty of talents to move it forwards and into the future.  

1. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) by Coursera

If you have your basic mathematics down to pat, this is the class for you. Taught at Rice University, the instructors of this course has endeavoured to make learning Python (the programming language, not the reptile) easy with a newly built browser-based programming environment facilitating your education. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to build simple and interactive games such as Pong, Blackjack, and Asteroids.

Note: This course comes with the free trial

Duration: 7 to 10 hours a week for 5 weeks

2. Build Your Own Website by Codecademy

If your time is really insufficient, this short, three-hour course is the perfect way to learn how to build a website from scratch by utilising the fundamentals — HTML and CSS. In the process, you’ll also learn the basics of the web development life cycle. The course only ends after you’ve completed four projects as well as aced four quizzes.Duration: Completion of 4 projects and 4 quizzes

3. Intro to Java Programming by Udacity

No, we’re not talking about coffee here.Java is one of the core programming languages used in developing Android apps as well as being commonly used in the back-end of web development. If you’ve never ever programmed before but are interested in entering the field, then this course is the perfect starting point for your career in the tech industry.

Duration: 6 weeks/5 lessons

Design Courses

On the flip side, you may want to unleash your creative side by learning some skills in the arts. These design courses would be the perfect way to jumpstart your creative endeavours.

1. Learn Adobe Photoshop From Scratch by Udemy

Udemy’s introduction course covers the basics of the basics so that you may get your hands into the practicality of Photoshop as soon as possible. In other words, the theoretical aspect is kept at a minimum and you’ll have more opportunities to learn hands-on as you go!

Duration: 8 hours/36 lectures

2. Beginner’s Guide to Concept Sketching by Pluralsight

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the thought process of how art concepts and projects come to life, then this is the course for you.Depending on your preferences (from logos to layouts to character designs to environmental drawings), concept sketching takes on a myriad of forms. In this particular course, you’ll be imparted with the fundamental knowledge of how to come up with each of these forms by using Adobe Photoshop. Also, the step-by-step videos are played at a rather easy-to-follow pace for maximum learning efficiency!

Note: This course comes with the free trial

Duration: 1 hour 31 minutes

Online Marketing Courses

Don’t solely depend on word of mouth to get your brand out there. Sometimes, it’s best to do everything yourself, particularly if you are running a small business. These courses would fit the bill if online marketing is the name of the game.

1. Online Advertising by OPEN2STUDY

If you’re completely out of the loop when it comes to online advertising, you’ll gain the most benefit from learning about major digital platforms, social and mobile search, and how online ads work via this course.You’ll also learn how to temper your expectations and set realistic/measurable goals for your campaigns, while also identifying the steps involved in planning such a campaign. Also not to forget, the basics of selling an online ad program.

Duration: 33 videos

2. Google Analytics by ALISON

This course offers you insight into one of THE premier tools in the market today for analysing web traffic. Google Analytics is highly useful regardless if you’re running a massive global conglomerate or even managing a personal blog.At the end of the course, you should be able to find out how well your paid keywords performed or determining other similar high-value keywords, as well as being able to identify problem areas in your marketing campaigns.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

3. SEO for SEO Beginners by Udemy

Make no mistake about it, SEO remains one of the most important cogs in the ever-complicated realm of online marketing. Upon completion, you’ll certainly be an expert (or more knowledgable) on the three commandments that make up effective SEO — which means getting on the front page of Google is more than just a pipe dream!

Duration: 46 minutes/12 lectures

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