The Best Online Learning Platforms

Whether you’re aiming to upskill yourself while we’re all currently stuck at home or you just want to explore a hobby for fun, online learning is certainly one of the best and most economical ways to do it. They’re an easily accessible resource for learning on your own time and as an alternative to traditional tertiary education, you get unbounded flexibility to learn whatever it is that may have piqued your interest.

From the creative scene to marketing courses to college classes, here are a few of our recommendations (and short reviews) for the best online learning platforms that you may sign up for today.

Udemy — Jack of All Trades, Master of None, But Oftentimes Better Than Master of One

If you have something in mind that you want to learn online, chances are that you’ll find it on Udemy. The site is less of an online learning platform and is more of a portal or repository where students and anyone interested can access any of the over 100,000 courses to learn.

On Udemy, you’ll get courses ranging from language to arts to music to fitness to programming to IT to business skills to teaching skills to productivity, the list goes on. There are even a few categories for personal development and lifestyle where you’ll be taught some of the necessary life skills needed to excel in life.

And because Udemy courses are not standardised across the board, you’ll find plenty of varying formats depending on the instructors like multimedia lectures with audio, video, and text elements. More creative lecturers will also have readings, quizzes, and other activities on hand to engage the students.

Pricing wise, Udemy allows students to preview classes with a 30-day refund if the course is not up to par. And since each class is created and taught independently, they’re also priced separately so it’d bode you well to check before you commit!

Skillshare — Sharing is Caring

If you’re in it for creative freedom, might we suggest Skillshare?

Skillshare offers a less than formal experience and is aimed at improving one’s creative skills through a myriad of different classes. Of course, there are also business and marketing classes on the platform, but Skillshare’s bread and butter lie in the creative field — taught by professionals in those fields.

Think photography, film and movies, animation and cartoons, graphic design, visual arts, writing, interior design, architecture, and more.

The focus here is to give students hands-on experience so that they may excel when it comes to entering the real industry. Most courses on Skillshare revolve around a series of video lessons, which in combination with interesting assignments make for a decent learning experience.

As for the pricing, Skillshare has a subscription model rather than a per-course payment plan. This means that you may access any of the courses, as many times as you want while you’re subscribed. There are of course a few free classes to take as well, and while they’re not as in-depth, they’re still a good way to try out some potentially interesting topics.

Coursera — The (Online) College Experience

This isn’t a platform where you simply take classes that mimic a college course’s environment. On the contrary, Coursera actually offers real academic courses given by real professors and universities at a fraction of the cost of, say, getting an online degree. The online learning platform has so far partnered with over 200 universities and companies worldwide to provide learning experiences that may be easily translated into the real world. In some cases, you could even gain certifications or degrees entirely through Coursera, without having to step foot into a physical college. But even if you aren’t looking for professional development, Coursera also offers a wide range of challenging and interesting classes covering plenty of topics so that you may explore whatever may interest you. Much like any other online learning platform, Coursera allows its professors to construct classes via multimedia including videos, slides, and other elements that you would find in a real-life college.Each course on Coursera is individually priced, though you may sometimes come across bundle courses that offer a discount if you purchase all of them at once. 

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