Make Math Fun And Engaging Again

Thanks to modern technology (or more particularly, smartphones and their corresponding apps), learning a new skill, language, or subject has become a trivial and fun experience. Take a quick browse through any app store, and you’ll find study apps galore. Zapzapmath is one such smartphone app intended to make the oft complicated mathematics subject a relatively simple one for children.

The Malaysian-based company was founded in 2015 to aid children of various age groups, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 6, to develop critical math solving skills via the use of skill-based games. 

Zapzapmath — Fun and Engaging Way To Learn Math

The goal of the app is to make learning math much more fun and engaging for young children. At the beginning of their launch, Zapzapmath saw tons of downloads, particularly from the US market. The company used this data to further penetrate the market by coming into contact with various teachers and schools.

And after gaining significant feedback from the teachers, the team continued to develop and improve the full product — their efforts being rewarded with a sharp increase in the number of downloads for the app. 

At the offset, the company was privately funded in the beginning but are now looking to further expand by securing funding. More specifically, the founders of Zapzapmath are hard at work trying to secure potential investors in order to help the company grow faster. 

Presently, Zapzapmath also has a B2B version which includes schools and tutors, whereas the B2C version caters specifically to parents.

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